Wraapit – the first outdoor smart snap wrap band, designed to fit every sleeve, handlebar, and taste!

Wrap it in “one second” wherever You want, especially when it’s hard to roll up sleeves to check a smartwatch or take a phone out of the pocket. No need to take winter gloves off. Keep your hands warm and at handlebar.

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But what is all the fuzz about?

Beside the posibility of mounting the Wraapit® to anything, including outdoor clothes sleeves, bicycle handlebar, at car steering wheel or a wristguard, check the features list below.

Who actually will use it best?

Easy to love, hard to replace, Wraapit is your #1 outdoors-friendly smart snap wrap that meets expectations of the outdoor&winter sport enthusiasts, cyclists, skaters or classic car owners. Maximize your comfort when it is difficult or dangerous to use a smartwatch or phone.


Can be easily controlled using only one finger! Use navi and music without pulling over every other minute. Keep your hands at the handlebar.


Stay warm and smart anywhere you go! With the smart snap wrap band sitting comfortably on your sleeve, no need to take your gloves off to control a phone or smartwatch!


Keep technology within your reach and easily manage navi, music, chats and phone when you hit the road in Your classic car! Make Your classic car smart.


Don’t give up on neither on technology nor safety! This innovative smart snap wrap lets you control your phone with wrist guards on. It is a safe bet!

For the video purposes we used a prototype.


Feel the comfort.
Make it smart.
Wrap it up!


When you’re on the move, the rest of the world ceases to exist! While cycling, skiing, snowboarding, rollerblading or running durring winter, you are in a sporting trance, so there’s no time to deal with technical matters such as pulling your phone out of your pocket, taking off your gloves to check messages, or switching songs.

That’s why athletes deserve something more!

The response to the lack of functionality in existing solutions for cyclist.


A versatile companion on sports trips, and with a touch of unique style. It is the technology we deserve.


Express yourself and choose between many wraapit styles.

Choose a design, which speaks to your soul and easily personalize the fabric, color, and overall design of your smart snap wrap! Whether you are all about sports textile, like Condura, prefer jeans, or have a liking for eco-leather, you will find something to suit your taste! Comfort and style combined? With Wraapit, everything is possible!


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