Wraapit has its own mini operating system (firmware) and requires a dedicated application in a smartphone (Android & IOS).

Because Wraapit uses a smartphone CPU it can boast a low energy consumption, more stable hardware (especially when it is freezing outside!), and Bluetooth connection that hardly ever fails!

Make it smart, wrap it up
The unique set of functions and features.
  • Flexibility and Freedom
    Wrap it around your body in one second and enjoy infinity of possibilities! Wrap it on your sleeve, wristguard, handlebar, steering wheelchair, or wherever you please!Wraapit whenever you want, and take advantage of Wraapit’s unique features!

  • Multifunctionality and comfort
    Manage phone calls and messages, enjoy music the way you like it, and use navigation with ease wherever you go!infinity of possibilities wrapped around your sleeve! Open for app developers.

  • Effortless safety – at any time!
    Designed for absolute outdoor control  – no need to take winter gloves off, pull off sleeves, or take hands off a handlebar

    Control your smart band with hands on handlebars, and keep yourself safe and warm!

Wraapit – a fine combination of technology and comfort!


Elastic construction with a retractable system, which allows a one-second installation and removal time. It works like a snap wrap band, simply wrapping around any sleeve, steering wheel, wristguard, and whatever else you wish!

Wraapit whenever You want!


Specially designed buttons make it possible to use Wraapit in winter gloves. It can be controlled with only a thumb! Keep your hands on the steering wheel control witch one finger, and leave your gloves on – Wraapit combines comfortable technology with safe solutions!

Stay safe and warm!


Thanks to its high-quality hardware, and careful construction, the snap wrap is waterproof (IP67) and works perfectly well in temperature of -20 degrees (and lower!)! Its OLED screen is dynamic, sharp, and energy-efficient, keeping battery levels high for hours!  Low temperatures drain phones out of energy like crazy, so leave your phone or smartphone hidden in a pocket to keep it warm!

Be prepared for anything and stay connected with the world… even during the outdoor adventures!

Reliable and wireless charging

Over 30 days of battery life, in sleep mode,  after you’ve charged it once! In a regular mode, the snap wrap can be used for over a week. Charging wraapit is a piece of cake: the latest wireless technology makes it suitable for any charger in the QI standard, which is used for other smartwatches as well.

Charge your own batteries, Wraapit’s will run for days!

Accelerometer and magnetometer

The snap wrap has an in-built accelerometer and magnetometer, which work like a compass with navigation! Type your destination during your outdoor trip, or off-the-beaten-track adventure, and follow precise directions to get wherever you want! It’s also possible to check your speed, and turn the snap wrap on with only a tap!

Always go in the right direction… with Wraapit by your side!

Multifunctional Software

Control Your phone without stopping every other minute!

Bluetootch Connection

Wraapit connect to You smartphone via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and requires a dedicated application in a smartphone (Android & IOS). Wraapit uses a smartphone CPU what can boast a low energy consumption, more stable hardware (especially when it is freezing outside!)

Lock screen – date and time

All you need to see – date, time, temperature, notifications, the battery levels, and phone and GSM signal – will be in front of you in a second!

Short notifications lists

Quick access to most important notifications straight from the lock screen – new messages, chats, phone calls, running navigation info, music, and everything else you might need, delivered to you in seconds!


Answer and check last calls, choose people to call from a short list… wherever you are!

  • Dial/redial/answer phone calls
  • Check last calls list
  • Create fast contact groups (for group hikes or bike trips, for example!)

Messages & e-mails

Keep Your messages under control! Read and send entire messages to your friends and colleagues to always stay updated!

  • check text messages and text message groups
  • read entire text messages and e-mails
  • create fast chat lists in the application
  • prepare short messages to send with the automatic info on your location or a change of meeting time

Music remote control

Control your music without stopping in the middle of an activity, and keep yourself warm and safe!

  • change songs
  • use all audio apps on your phone and control it the way you would in a modern car
  • create playlists from your phone’s music library in the app and manage them with the snap wrap!

 Navigation turn by turn

Use your navigation and set your final destination in the app, while you are cycling or driving in your classic car! Have all the necessary info you need within your reach!

  • easily access your last destinations
  • track your route and have it saved it the app
  • save your favourite destination in the app and access them in the snap wrap

Azimuth navigation or compass (useful for off-piste skiing lovers!)

Set your desired destination in the navigation system while you go off-piste, cycle or hike somewhere far away! You can see direct directions to your final destination and the remaining distance,  just as you go.

  • easily access your last destinations
  • track your route and have it saved it the app
  • save your favourite destination in the app and access them in the snap wrap


Monitor your speed, time, distance, and altitude!

  • easily check parameters in the app
  • track your route
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Feel the comfort.
Make it smart.
Wrap it up!


When you’re on the move, the rest of the world ceases to exist! While cycling, skiing, snowboarding, rollerblading or running durring winter, you are in a sporting trance, so there’s no time to deal with technical matters such as pulling your phone out of your pocket, taking off your gloves to check messages, or switching songs.

That’s why athletes deserve something more!


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