Wraapit project has been developed from 2017 by the team of specialists of electronic engineers, software specialists, designers and geeks and also people who love spending time doing outdoor sports, cycling in the city, and skating.


The genesis/origins of  the project, and the team itself

Lu – the project’s creator – a skier, cyclist, and fan of outdoor trips. Experienced with electronics, creating concepts and specifying technical requirements of products.

“While I was doing outdoor sports, or cycling, I always had a problem with switching the music or checking the missed calls. I had to stop and take the phone out of my pockets or take my gloves off when skiing. I always had to pull  off my sleeves, my hands were  getting terribly cold, and I was wasting time I should be spending on my passion, instead!”

– that’s how Wraapit came into existence in June 2017!

The idea behind Wraapit was embraced with enthusiasm by Karol, the project manager with experience in sales and logistics.

The responsibility for hardware and firmware of Wraapit lies with highly experienced staff members of the R&D department of the electronics company, Tom and Bart. The person behind the design is Rafael, who has had rich experience in industrial design. On the other hand, software and the smartphone app is handled by the highly-respected software house Neoteric.



First prototypes were made in 2017 to test the idea of ultra-thin, retractable electric snap wraps and their resistance to bending. The next versions were given new features, such as NFC, microphones, accelerometers, and wireless chargers. The functionality of subsequent components was tested, some of them rather unique in their form. The last version of the prototype, which was created back in October 2018, was given design and software to enhance user experience. All the prototypes, as well as the final version of the product,  were designed and produced with the top-notch components, components of the company Nordic included.


Wraapit will be produced in a highly-specialised European electronics factory, which produces components and products for the biggest global companies in automotive, consumer electronics, smart home, smart cities, lightning and wearables industries. Because of it, Wraapit products will meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Product timeline

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When you’re on the move, the rest of the world ceases to exist! While cycling, skiing, snowboarding, rollerblading or running durring winter, you are in a sporting trance, so there’s no time to deal with technical matters such as pulling your phone out of your pocket, taking off your gloves to check messages, or switching songs.

That’s why athletes deserve something more!


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