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Easy to love, hard to replace, Wraapit is your #1 outdoors-friendly smart snap wrap that meets expectations of the outdoor&winter sport enthusiasts, cyclists, skaters or classic car owners. Maximize your comfort when it is difficult or dangerous to use a smartwatch or phone.

Outdoor sports enthusiast

Save your hands from frost and don’t waste time just to connect with the digital world… Have the world wrapped around your sleeve!

The first outdoor smart snap wrap, which is 100% gloves, jackets, and human-friendly! With Wraapit, you don’t need to check your phone or smartwatch to stay connected with the world. Keep your hands warm with Wraapit by your side! Why Wraapit? Well…

  • you can use for anything you want: skiing, snowboarding, hiking or just getting off the beaten track
  • it fits every sleeve
  • it saves you time and keeps your hands warm
  • it is energy-friendly – say goodbye to charging phones all the time!
  • you can easily switch playlists and call your friends on the slope
  • sending short texts with your location and meeting time takes just a second
  • it can replace navigation and a compass to safely guide you at off piste or winter trip
  • tracking your skiing progress on social platforms is just a click away

Wraapit is just like a bike computer… but with better navigation, and easier access to your phone, texts and music – all of it at a lower cost! Why?

  • it fits every bike handlebar perfectly
  • you can access it with only one finger… without actually taking your hands off the handlebar – maximum safety ensured!
  • it is easily portable and you can put it back on your jacket in a second – no need to worry about thieves!
  • it is small and convenient enough not to take up any space in your pockets or backpack
  • there’s a lower risk of breaking a phone with the snap wrap on your handlebar – it is simply a safe and stylish extension of your phone!
  • the in-built navigation control lets you plan routes, use route-mode navigation, and track and share your stats on social media


Keep yourself connected with the world and safe… with hands at the handlebar!

Classic Car

Introduce your classic car to technology it deserves… in the best style!

Enjoy the drive into the future with the smart snap wrap on your steering wheel! Keep yourself safe in style. With Wraapit, controlling your phone, changing music, checking navigation and monitoring your driving stats has never been easier… and safer! With the snap wrap in front of your eyes, the entire world of technology is at your disposal. 4 reasons why classic cars and Wraapit are a match made in heaven:

  • it easily fits any steering wheel
  • you don’t need to take your hands off the steering wheel to use it – safety first!
  • you can stay focused on the road and forget about your phone – the snap wrap can show you desired routes, play your favourite music or show you your stats!
  • it looks great in any classic car thanks to the stylish, elegant design

How to combine safety with fun when you go rollerblading or skateboarding? Simple: wear your wristguards and smart snap wrap together! There’s no need to choose between safe wrists and your favourite songs when you have Wraapit on your side! With the world of technology wrapped around your wrist, rollerblading or skateboarding to your top tunes has never been easier!  Here are the reasons why:

  • it easily fits any wristguards, elbow pads and kneepads
  • you can wrap it around any sport clothing
  • it lets you control to music while you stay active
  • lower risk of breaking your phone with the snap wrap on your wrist
  • in-built navigation will easily take you home if you ever get lost


Make your rollerblading sessions smart and safe!

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Feel the comfort.
Make it smart.
Wrap it up!


When you’re on the move, the rest of the world ceases to exist! While cycling, skiing, snowboarding, rollerblading or running durring winter, you are in a sporting trance, so there’s no time to deal with technical matters such as pulling your phone out of your pocket, taking off your gloves to check messages, or switching songs.

That’s why athletes deserve something more!


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